Was just thinking back to Singpost (haha sounds sentimental, but we just tore down <48 hours ago). Singpost is such a significant place to me.. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been in church for like many man y many years already (can’t believe it hasn’t even been 3 years!?!?).

But yeah. < 3 years ago, I walked into Singpost. Can’t remember much about the sermon preached (it was the launch of 1000 souls I think), but I was captivated by the people in this auditorium. The friend who brought me to church was only in church for a month, so we left right after service.

Writing this, I started to type out what I’ve experienced in my journey as a Christian and in Heart of God Church.. But I’d be up to the next day writing this if I had continued. But the Singpost era was something that is a collection of memories and moments rather than a chronology of events..


I remember watching my CGL serve on ministry. I remember that during Worship, he was worshipping God.. The song lyrics went;

“I’ll walk, with You in my heart,

Find me at the cross,

Down on my knees,

I thank You Lord for saving me”

I saw that moment how walking with God was so important for him – even beyond the things he did in church.

I told myself – I want to be like him.


I remember sharing about my dreams and visions to do more in the Connect Group.. To one day lead people, give someone Follow Up, to be someone who believes in young people.


I remember.. Being prayed for in CG, that beyond my skills and talents, it was my character and heart that God was after.


I remember coming back to church after my confinement in NS and being so happy to sing “I know, that Heaven is my home”..


I remember being counselled when something happened in my life. Beyond just being people who were concerned, my leaders spoke faith and wisdom into my situation.


I remember feeling so believed in as I began to do more in church. Here, I am not just left to fend for myself, I am equipped and trained.


I remember running my first event – for 2000 people. Beyond the intense moments, I remember the times we laughed over the lame things, the times we chionged until 1-2am..


I remember sharing a testimony of how God has been so good and so real in my life. My Pastors and leaders really believed in me so so much..


Now, on the verge of moving into Imaginarium?

I see how all the ministries work so hard day in and day out as we come towards the Opening Service.

I see how young people can build a great church for a great God.

I see a church that is serious in not just creating temporal memories, but in an eternal memorial.

I see how in 4 weeks a whole church can mobilize and move, tearing down until 1am, and keep on keeping on the next day.

I see how my Pastors and leaders are working harder than ever. Everytime I feel like I am chionging, I just look up and know that we may work hard, but we are working in the best team for the best cause. And I know that God is going to bring us through this together. (:

I am unashamedly, unapologetically excited for the future. While Singpost was great, and I had many many many ignited moments and memories, I know that in Imaginarium… It is going to be even greater and even more memorable.

At the close of this chapter.. These few words keep repeating themselves in my heart. “Wanna walk, with You, my King”.. Can’t wait. Being a Christian to me is exciting. Being in HOGC is exciting. I love my life, and wouldn’t trade it for the world.



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